High Cycle Pneumatic Actuator – 7 year Warranty – Habonim Compact Actuator

If you are looking for a high quality pneumatic quarter-turn actuator, then the Habonim Compact is worth consideration. So reliable is the Compact, it comes with a 7 year warranty.

How are Habonim able to offer a 7 year warranty?

It’s all down to the innovative design features of the Compact:

  • Uses 4 pistons as opposed to 2 hence double the torque.
  • Pistons drive from the centre – so are balanced.
  • No steady bearings or guide rods needed
  • Uses less air

The Habonim Compact can be used on any quarter turn valve, like a ball or butterfly valve and is invaluable where space, weight, air consumption and reliability are required:


  • Powerful: Compact four pistons generate twice the torque of comparably sized two piston designs
  • Energy Saver: Compact reduces the average air consumption by 50% due to compact physical size
  • Fastest: Compact has faster stroke due to shorter travel distance
  • Smallest & Lightest: Compact size is about 50% of a traditional 2 piston actuator with same torque value, due to the 4 piston design
  • Minimal & Easy Maintenance: Less wear of moving parts,easy spring configuration changes and fail/safe advantages,

In the 17 years we have been supplying the Habonim Compact to the chemical / pharmaceutical industry we have never had to supply spares kits for them. Hence the 7 year warranty.

Click here to download a Habonim Compact Brochure or contact ESI Technologies who have been the Habonim Master Distributor in UK and Ireland for 17 years.

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