Habonim valves upgrade – bulletin

This advisory bulletin outlines the upgrade to the stem seal on the standard P series ball valves to W series from Habonim. In addition there are details on the new premium G series and the differences between that and the W series valve.

This upgrade has started from 1st April 2015 as stocks of P series valves are replenished with W and G series at ESI’s warehouses.

P series = ISO5211 Topworks and standard stem seal packing (Figure 1)

Codes AF31P /AF32P/AF73P/AF74P (Figure 1)


W series = ISO5211 Topworks and Hermetix stem seal packing (Figure 2)

Codes F31W/F32W/F73W/F74W (Figure2)

G series = ISO5211 Topworks and Hermetix stem seal packing + body seal removed from process stream (Figure 3)

Codes F31G/F32G/F73G/F74G (Figure 3)

Note that only stainless steel valves can be supplied as G, carbon steel valves will always be W style

Note also that this advisory bulletin only covers flanged valves at this time. Upgrades to 3-piece series valves will follow shortly

Rob Leadbeater or Darryl Flowers on UK: +44 1633 877505; or Brian Foley or Zane Flaiani on Ireland: +353 21 451 0900; can provide further information on this upgrade – or send us a product enquiry for more details.


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