Reduce Fugitive Emissions

Zero Stem Leak - fugitive emissionsBall Valve Stem Leakage: How to Reduce Fugitive Emissions and meet ISO 15848-1

As the world’s focus turns to preserving our environment, Habonim introduces its new series of ZERO-Stem-LEAK valves based on the HermetiX™ technology. HermetiX is a patented stem seal designed to reduce to a minimum stem leak and provide maintenance-free service

Named after its X-shaped design, the HermetiX’s™ dynamic action enables improved performance as pressure increases.

The New Habonim ZERO-Stem-LEAK valves meet ISO 15848-1 standard for fugitive emission, covering performance CO5 (500K cycles), and class BH for temperatures ranging from -29 C to +200 C.

The Habonim HermetiX™ valves series are offered with a 4-Year Guarantee on stem leakage!

Named after its distinctive X-shaped design, the newly patent-pending HermetiX™ seal is designed to provide zero stem leakage. Even as fluid pressure or side load increases, the HermetiX™ dynamically adjusts to prevent fugitive emission

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