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Cryogenic ball valves are used at extremely low temperatures, typically lower than -40℃ down to -196℃.

Cryogenic ball valves are mainly used for liquid media with low temperatures, like liquid oxygen, liquid hydrogen, liquefied natural gas and liquefied petroleum products and industrial gases. Such media are not only flammable and explosive but will vaporise when heated so the volume expands rapidly during gasification.Habonim cyrogenic ball valves

Under extremely low temperatures and in the harshest of environments, ITT Habonim’s series of cryogenic ball valves consistently exhibit high flow capacity, tight shutoff and long service-free life. Unmatched in reliability, stability and, most importantly, safety, ITT Habonim’s cryogenic ball valves are used in air separation plants, industrial gases, LNG storage, distribution and transportation, and in the aerospace, petrochemical and medical industries.

Features of the ITT Habonim Cryogenic Ball Valve

Efficient heat transfer

  • Narrow space between extension ID and stem OD keeps the stem seal at ambient temperature

Bonnet angle

  • Up to 45° from vertical allowed for the 12″ bonnet (fully BS6364 compliant)

HermetiX™ Stem Seal

  • ISO 15848-1 certified
  • Graphite-free, Fire safe design
  • High endurance of up to 500 thousand cycles
  • Anti-abrasion mechanism
  • Live loaded

No Trapped Cavityball valve for cryogenic application

  • Relief hole on the upstream sphere of the ball to prevent pressure build-up in the cavity

Minimum Thermal Expansion

  • One size up and shorter body bolts
  • Additional spring washers


  • ‘Blow-out’ proof
  • Solid one-piece stem.
  • Tight stem-to-ball engagement.
  • High torque durability

One-Way Assembly

  • Integral rib and asymmetric groove ensure correct assembly.

Tongue & Groove Labyrinth Design

  • Zero leakage to the atmosphere.
  • Full compression of encapsulated body seal.
  • Accurate alignment of all parts.

Flow direction indicators

  • Highly visible arrows on the body and bonnet top.
  • “T” mark on the stem, showing relief hole direction Operation Lever. or gear operated, pneumatic or electric actuated.

Cryogenic Ball Valve Applications

ball valve for cryogenic service

  • Air separation plants
  • LNG storage
  • Distribution and transportation
  • Aerospace
  • Petrochemical
  • Medical industries

Types of Cryogenic Ball Valves

ESI Technologies Group are proud partners of ITT Habonim Industrial Valves which are world leaders amongst the select few suppliers that have the expertise and capabilities to overcome these challenges.

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