Habonim C47-BD Series Bidirectional Cryogenic Valves - Three Piece

Product Benefits

  • A solid one-piece high torque durable stem. A tight stem-to-ball directional engagement ensures relief hole alignment.
  • Efficient heat transfer. The narrow space between extension ID and stem OD allows the stem seal to remain at an ambient temperature.
  • No trapped cavity. Self-pressure relief sealing for bidirectional full pressure service.
  • Flexible bonnet installation angle. Up to 45° from vertical for 12” bonnet (per BS6364 guidelines). Up to 15° from vertical 6” bonnet (not BS6364 compliant).

Technical Data

  • Full ΔP.
  • Size range – 1/4″ – 8″ (DN8-DN200)
  • Pressure range – Class 300

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