Skid System Design & Manufacture

vacuum systems

Process Vacuum Systems

ESI Vacuum Systems can be supplied as liquid ring or dry running options.

Dry Vacuum Systems can be supplied in different formats to suit the Client’s Process Requirements.  They can be supplied with different control levels such as basic, dynamic or full control systems up to Profibus level if required.  Dry Vacuum Pumps can be supplied from a nominal 100 m³/hr up to 1000 m³/hr with end vacuums down to 10-3 mBar Absolute.  Optional equipment can be supplied to meet the specific process requirements and can meet Internal ATEX Application to CAT 1 Zone 0.

Liquid Ring Systems can be supplied as once-through operation, partial re-circulation operation or total re-circulation operation.  Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps are sized in accordance with customer’s requirements and can have options such as gas ejectors or lobular blowers fitted if higher vacuum levels or capacities are required.

ESI manufactures Skids in accordance with ISO 9001 / PED and ATEX Requirements.