Emerson Fisher™ easy-e™ ET Control Valve

Product Benefits

  • Unless otherwise noted, references are to NACE MR0175-2002. Optional materials are available to meet NACE MR0103 and NACE MR0175 / ISO 15156
  • ENVIRO-SEAL™ packing systems that provide an improved stem seal to help prevent the loss of process fluid are available. These packing systems feature PFTE or Graphite ULF packing with live-loading for reduced packing maintenance.
  • Valves are available with dimensions specified by EN/DIN standards.
  • Controlled compression of standard seat construction protects PFTE disk between metal disk seat and disk retainer. Excellent shutoff is maintained by a backup ring or spring-loading that forces the valve plug seal ring against the cage.
  • The increased wear resistance of hardened stainless steel trim means longer-lasting service.
  • Rugged cage guiding provides high valve plug stability, which reduces vibration and mechanical noise.

Technical Data

  • Certifications: SIL capable, Fugitive Emission, NACE
  • Critical Service: Noise Abatement, Cavitation, Steam Condition, Erosive, Low Flow, Corrosive, General Service, Outgassing, Flashing
  • Flow Characteristics: Equal percentage, Linear, Special Characterization, Quick Opening
  • Material: Carbon Steel, Stainless, Duplex, Alloy
  • Operating Temperature: Standard Temperature
  • Pressure Class: PN, ASME
  • Process Connection Type: Flanged, Butt Weld, RTJ, Threaded, Socket Weld
  • Shutoff Class: Class IV (FCI 70-2), Class V (FCI 70-2), Class VI (FCI 70-2)
  • Valve Size: NPS 1 through NPS 30
  • Valve Size Standard: NPS, DN

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