Amazon SupaCarb CP High Performance Carbon Block

Product Benefits

  • Combination of both granular and powdered activated carbon offers superior contaminant adsorption levels
  • Low volume pre-use flush required compared to lenticular cartridges
  • High active carbon content per module results in the use of smaller installations, less space required and lower costs
  • Convenient low-weight cartridge format is easy to handle and modules can be changed-out without using lifting gear, special tools or other apparatus
  • High purity micro-porous steam-activated powdered carbon is particularly suited to the removal of coloured impurities from pharmaceutical products and solvent streams
  • Graded density prefiltration layer protects carbon block offering extended life
  • Thermally bonded construction eliminates fluidising, channelling and bypass
  • All polymeric support structure offers excellent chemical compatibility
  • Each cartridge is embossed with an identification number and is fully traceable

Technical Data

SupaCarb CP is an extremely economical and effective solution to many common liquid treatment applications where the reduction of colour, organics and other impurities is required. The carbon block is made using a high purity micro-porous, acid-washed, steam-activated carbon and is particularly suited to pharmaceutical applications.

Product Features 

  • Unique sintered block using both granular and powdered carbon
  • Spun bonded polypropylene prefiltration layer
  • Modular construction from 5mm segments to 1018mm (40”) long cartridges, suitable for laboratory, pilot plant and production scale operations


  • Pharmaceutical and Fine Chemicals
  • Food and Beverage
  • Water Treatment
  • Chemical Manufacturing

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