Product Benefits

  • Engineered specifically for high design pressure
  • High degree of service-friendliness – FDA-compliant gaskets for easy opening, inspection and cleaning, and also designed for Cleaning-in-Place(CIP)
  • Fouling resistance and thermal efficiency thanks to the range of pressing depths and chevron patterns as well as various corrugations
  • Flexible – heat transfer area can be modified by adding or removing plates or combining different plates and material if process parameters change
  • Suitable for multi-section heat exchangers for pasteurization saving on space, piping and costs


M line is available with two different plate types:

  • Chevron type plate pattern is used in a wide range of industries. This ensures good distribution of the product as well as high thermal efficiency.
  • Gemini double wall consists of two plates pressed together. It prevents cross-contamination between fluids in case of leakage through the plates


M line is a competitive choice for hygienic processes and utility applications in the dairy, food, and beverage industries. Examples of applications are:

  • Simple pasteurization
  • Raw milk cooling
  • Utility media heating/cooling
  • Cleaning-In-Place (CIP) heating

Alfa Laval FrontLine is recommended for more heat-sensitive products or for products containing pulp and fibres.

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