Alfa Laval LKC-2 Non-return Valve

Product Benefits

The Alfa Laval LKC-2 non-return valve consists of an upper valve body, lower valve body, valve plug, seal ring, and guide disc. The valve body is assembled by means of a clamp and hygienically sealed with a special seal ring. A guide disc and four legs guide the spring-loaded valve plug with an O-ring seal. LKC-2 has welding ends for ISO or DIN connections.

Working principle

The spring acts on the valve plug, keeping the valve closed until the force from the pressure in the inlet exceeds the force of the spring. If a reverse flow should occur, the spring force and the pressure from the outlet will keep the valve closed.

Technical Data

  • Temperature
    Max. temperature: 140°C (EPDM)
    Min. temperature: -10°C
  • Pressure
    Max. product pressure: 1000 kPa (10 bar)
  • Mechanical
    Required differential pressure for opening the valve when fitted in a vertical pipe, as shown in fig. 3, is approx. 6 kPa (0.06 bar)
  • Materials
    Product wetted steel parts: 1.4301 (304) / 1.4404 (316L)
  • External surface finish: Bright (Machined Ra 1.6)

Internal surface finish: Bright (polished), Ra < 0.8 µm

Product wetted seals: EPDM rubber


  • Various processes throughout the sanitary industry

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