Fugitive Emission Bonnets (FE)

Product Benefits

Additional options

Media Containment Unit (MCU)

  • Suitable for critical applications when:
  • Valve stem maintenance needs to be programmed
  • A combination of high temperature and high cycle conditions
  • Valve is in low-temperature applications (down to -70 °C / -57 °F)

Caution!: MCU is not to be used with toxic media

Extended Bonnet (EXT)

  • When valves and pipelines need to be insulated
  • When valve operation must be elevated from extreme temperature areas
  • When direct mounting of an actuator to a valve is not suitable

Technical Data

  • A machined lip on the bonnet bottom plane will ensure a safe fit over the valve ISO pad. A static seal will provide security to the atmosphere.
  • The bonnet design allows a sensing device to be fitted between the two sealing arrangements. In case of first defence line failure, an alert can be immediately identified.
  • Any media is contained within the FE bonnet until valve maintenance can be safely carried out.
  • Double blowout proof stems.
  • Linear alignment between valve stem, extension and actuator to reduce side load.
  • Rigid construction.
  • Precision stem and packing bore finish.
  • Fire-safe valve stem packing and valve connection to bonnet (upon request)
  • Stainless steel cast CF8M housing material as standard.
  • Exotic materials Alloy-20, Hastelloy-C22. Monel and more (upon request).
  • Various solutions are offered by Habonim when sizing FE bonnets to customer applications: HC (high cycle), N (Control valves), KG (fire-safe and thermal applications), and the HermetiX Habonim patented stem packing.


Critical applications

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