• Compact
  • Designed to minimize contamination and provide accurate regulation of any corrosive, non-corrosive, or toxic gas.
  • Brass model provides added economy for control of non-corrosive media.
  • Metal-to-metal diaphragm to body seal ensures minimum inboard and outboard leakage.
  • Convoluted diaphragm delivers excellent accuracy and long service life
  • Panel mounting is available.
  • 300 Series Stainless Steel or Brass bonnet.
  • NACE-compliant designs are available

Technical Data

Maximum Inlet Pressure
400, 3500 PSIG
27.6, 241 bar

Outlet Pressure Ranges
0-25, 0-50, 0-100, 0-250, 0-500 PSIG
0-1.7, 0-3.4, 0-6.9, 0-17.2, 0-34.5 bar

Design Proof Pressure
150% maximum rated

Internal: Bubble-tight
External: Design to meet ≤ 2 x 10-8 atm cc/sec He

Operating Temperature
-40°F to 165°F / -40°C to 74°C

Flow Capacity
3500 psig / 241 bar Inlet: Cv = 0.06
400 psig / 27.6 bar Inlet: Cv = 0.15

Maximum Operating Torque
30 in-lbs / 3.4 N•m


  • Laboratory and point-of-use gas systems
  • Sampling systems, zero, span and calibration analyser gases
  • Specialty and industrial gas cylinder regulator
  • Chromatograph flame detector fuel supply

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