Heating Cooling – Pneumatic Control – Skid

Heating / Cooling Skid – 230kW rated with pneumatic control, for pharmaceutical application.

ESI supplied 3 of these units to a large Pharmaceutical plant in Ireland, one of which had full on-board pneumatic control and change over, the other two were controlled by the BMS through a skid mounted junction box.

The design of the skids was a development of a smaller unit supplied on the same project. All 3 units were used for direct cooling (sub 4 deg. C), indirect cooling (to ambient temperatures), and indirect heating (to 120 deg. C).

Due to previous issues with thermal cycling on stick-built temperature control for the existing reactor, ESI chose Shell & Plate exchangers to minimise leak paths.

To avoid the heating heat exchangers stalling after prolonged periods of the skid being in cooling mode, ESI fitted compressed air-driven condensate pumps to ensure that the condensate side of the exchanger was fully drained at all times independent of the steam being live onto the skid.

Simplification and ease of access for maintenance were key requirements in the design process.

Contact Alan Venner at ESI on UK: +44 1633 877505; or Ireland: +353 21 4510900; for further information about ESI skid design & build or get in touch via the contact form


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