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Continuous Batch Production Technology – Who can build such systems?

Continuous Batch Technology: there has been a move within the leading pharma companies to utilise the advances in technology to progress beyond conventional batch technology

Pump Sets for Reactor Vessel Heat-Transfer Fluid

As part of a plant expansion in which many product reactors were installed, a pharmaceutical company required greater utilities-capacity to feed these reactors with heat transfer fluid.

Reactor Vessel Temperature Control Units (TCU) for Chemical / Pharmaceutical & Biotechnology Industries

Why have a contractor stick-build a Temperature Control Unit (TCU) on site, when you can have a unit built to specification, that fits within a dimensional envelope, to ISO/ANSI Standards, ATEX compliant and more importantly on time and budget?

Temperature control module skids for biotechnology industry

TCM skid (temperature control module) skid design and fabrication for biotechnology-industry reactor-vessel jacket services

Oil and Gas Industry Injector Skid

Self-contained skid, fabricated in stainless steel, for injection of corrosion inhibitor for the oil & gas industry

Pharmaceutical Industry Pneumatic-Control Heating / Cooling Skid

This unit was designed for a customer who had restricted building management connections available to them….

Pharmaceutical LPHW-generation skid system

A skid system built for a pharmaceutical client that required a custom-built Low Pressure Hot Water generation skid with on-board condensate recovery:

Temperature Control Modules for Pharmaceutical Vessel Jackets

Special design of a temperature control module skid for a pharmaceutical vessel jacket application.

Pharmaceutical Utility Skid Package – Case Study

A pharmaceutical client required skid-mounted equipment versus an on-site build to solve the following:

Optimised Skid-Mounted Systems: Fuel Refinery Case Study

A well known refinery was looking for a company to design and build skid mounted systems for them to their specification, using specific equipment, for adding dye and additives to fuel