Pharmaceutical Utility Skid Package – Case Study

A Pharmaceutical Client Expressed a Preference for Skid-Mounted Equipment Instead of On-Site Construction to Address the Following Requirements:

  • Accurate temperature control for the reactor vessel.
  • Easy maintenance on-site.
  • Compact footprint
  • Minimal installation time

To ensure precise temperature control of the heating jacket supply temperature, we implemented a solution using a series of Fisher GX 3-way control valves. These valves effectively regulate the flow of the heating medium, allowing it to be directed into or around the required heat exchanger, offering options for heating, cooling, or deep cooling to sub-zero temperatures.

In this specific case, the pre-fabricated skid, which included two pumps, three heat exchangers, and three control valves, was easily accommodated by the building’s side entrance and installed on-site in just over half a day.

ESI Technologies Group has a proven track record of over 20 years in developing custom package-skid modules for the chemical, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and oil & gas industries. Our modules are:

  • Built according to specific requirements.
  • Designed to fit within specified dimensional limits.
  • Manufactured in compliance with ISO Standards.
  • ATEX compliant (meeting safety standards for explosive atmospheres).
  • Delivered within the agreed budget.

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