Peaker Plant Skid Systems

Peaker Plant Skid Systems

A Cost-Effective Solution for Power Generation

Peaker plants are power plants that operate only during periods of high electricity demand, such as “peak” hours or emergencies. They provide a reliable backup for the grid and help balance the supply and demand of electricity. However, Peaker plants also face some challenges, such as high capital costs, environmental regulations, and operational inefficiencies.

One way to overcome these challenges is to use skid systems for Peaker plants. Skid systems are modular units that contain all the necessary components for power generation, such as Distribution Pump Skids or fuel additive skids by ESI. Skid systems can be easily transported, installed, and connected, reducing the construction time and cost of Peaker plants.

Skid systems are designed to meet the specific requirements of Peaker plants, such as fast start-up, high efficiency, low emissions, and low maintenance. Skid systems can use different types of fuel, such as natural gas, diesel, or biogas, depending on the availability and cost of the fuel source.

Skid systems are a cost-effective solution for Peaker Plant owners and operators who want to increase their power generation capacity and reliability while minimizing their environmental impact and operational costs. Skids can be customized to suit different site conditions and customer preferences which is what ESI have sized built and supplied.

Peaker Plant Skid Systems
Peaker Plant Skid System by ESI Technologies Group
Peaker Plant Skid Systems by ESI Technologies Group

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Peaker Plant Skid System by ESI Technologies Grouop

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