Optimised Skid-Mounted Systems: Fuel Refinery Case Study

Case Study: ESI Technologies’ Bespoke Skid-Mounted Systems for Fuel Refinery

Client Background

The client, a prominent and well-known refinery in the fuel industry, sought a competent company to design and construct skid-mounted systems tailored to their specific requirements. These systems were intended for the precise addition of dyes and additives to fuel, a critical process to meet industry standards and consumer demands.

Selecting ESI Technologies Group

After conducting a rigorous international tender process, ESI Technologies Group emerged as the chosen partner to develop these Skid-Mounted Systems. The selection was a testament to ESI’s reputation for excellence in designing and building bespoke systems, especially in the Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Petrochemical, and Biotechnology industries. ESI Technologies Group’s commitment to adhering to ISO standards and ATEX compliance played a crucial role in securing this partnership.

Project Overview

ESI  Technologies’ Systems Division took on the responsibility of crafting the first eight Skid-Mounted Systems for the refinery. These systems were meticulously tailored to meet the client’s exact specifications. The successful completion of this initial project demonstrated ESI’s dedication to delivering high-quality, customised solutions.

System Excellence

ESI Technologies’ Skid-Mounted Systems Division prides itself on its ability to design and build bespoke systems that are not only functional but also conform to the most stringent industry standards. The company’s commitment to ISO Standards ensured that each system was constructed with the utmost precision and adherence to quality control protocols. Furthermore, being ATEX compliant, ESI ensured the safety of the systems in potentially hazardous environments, meeting the exacting requirements of the petrochemical industry.

Skid-Mounted Systems

Client Satisfaction

The successful implementation of the initial eight systems was met with great satisfaction by the refinery. ESI Technologies’ ability to deliver systems that were designed to their precise requirements and operated flawlessly in the field spoke volumes about the quality of the company’s System Division.

Expansion of Partnership

As a testament to the client’s trust in ESI Technologies Group, the partnership expanded over the years. Two years after the initial project’s success, the finery added another two Skid-Mounted Systems to their operations. The extension was indicative of the continued success, reliability, and exceptional performance of the systems previously delivered by ESI.

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