Pump Motor Overheating – Fault Finding Basics

ESI are Rotating Equipment specialists, here are some of the most common problems we encounter for pump motors overheating

The motor requires excessive power:

  1. The discharge head has dropped below the rated point and the pump is pumping too much liquid – throttle the discharge to bring the duty point back onto the curve – trim the impeller – reduce VSD speed.
  2. The liquid is heavier than expected – check specific gravity & viscosity.
  3. If the stuffing box packing is too tight – re-adjust the packing. If it is worn, then replace the packing.
  4. Rotating parts are rubbing against each other – check for proper clearances.
  5. The impeller clearance is too tight – adjust the impeller.

Should the problem persists then the motor is suspect? Contact us if you require further assistance.

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