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Low Pressure Hot Water Skids (LPHW)

Low pressure hot water skidMany systems (utility or process) require heating which can be supplied through LPHW (Low Pressure Hot Water) depending on the heating application required ESI Technologies can provide a single unit solution that provides the LPHW heating functionality within a single skid mounted system. Typical process applications would be jacket services for vessels, reactors and dryers. Typical utility applications would be AHU (Automatic Heating Units) heating coils or central heating systems. LPHW skids can be supplied from small to large scale units depending on application and system requirements. In the majority of process applications critical temperature control is required in particular where the product is temperature sensitive. In AHU heating coil applications temperature can also be critical for example where conditioned warm air is supplied to clean room facilities to maintain specific room operating temperatures. ESI can supply the process and utility standard equipment to comply with these requirements.

In general LPHW heating is normally done via steam heating or electric immersion heating or where excess waste heat is recovered and re-used for heat recovery.

ESI can offer the service from basic to full design including P&ID, 3D GA Drawings/Models incorporating the clients requests whilst giving full flexibility in meeting their demands. Heat exchange can be done via direct or indirect operation. Where indirect heat transfer is applied we can offer various options such as plate and frame, shell and tube, shell and plate exchangers. Full recirculation pumps (duty and standby) can be incorporated into the design where required and full heating control stations are sized to suit the process demands. As ESI are agents for the majority of system components (Pumps, Heat Exchangers, Control Valves, Instrumentation, Isolation Valves, Safety Devices) then we can offer a very competitive solution with high end quality with product names such as Goulds Pumps, Alfa Laval Heat Exchangers, Emerson Fisher Control Valves, Emerson Rosemount Instrumentation, Habonim Ball Valves, Broady/Leser Relied Valves. We can also accommodate the Clients site standard preferred vendors if they fall outside of our product portfolio.

We can offer basic to full control standalone systems as per the clients demands so from non wired, to Junction box to full control systems either by standard control to full PLC based control systems allowing for full communication with the clients DCS/BMS Systems.

All of our systems are designed, manufactured, fabricated, assembled and tested from start to finish from our head office. Our systems comply with the required regulations such as ISO9001, PED and ATEX and come with complete supporting documentation.

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