Product Benefits

PumpSmart® can protect your pump from process upset conditions, such as dry-run, dead-head, shut-off, minimum flow and run-out. With patented sensorless pump protection algorithms, PumpSmart can determine the operating state of your pump at any operating speed. Using a simple load monitor function on a variable speed pump application can lead to false indications of pump distress. Be confident your pump is protected by the pump experts. Factors you must include in your pump protection logic:

  • Variable Torque Load
  • Mechanical Losses
  • Volumetric Efficiency
  • Eddy Current Losses
  • Pump Wear


Technical Data

As standard, PumpSmart® systems come equipped with advanced process control features that help optimize your pumping system for maximum uptime, reliability and energy savings. Use PumpSmart® as a standard VFD, and gain unprecedented insight into the performance of the pump with sensorless functions such as Smart Flow, Flow Economy and Advanced Pump Protection.

PumpSmart® includes an integrated pump controller that can automatically control the pump based on feedback from a process transmitter. Pump-specific algorithms make field setup quick and simple. PumpSmart® is ideal for all pumps that can benefit from simple and automatic control.



PumpSmart® can be applied to any manufacturer’s centrifugal or positive displacement pump.

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