Goulds i-FRAME – 5 Year Warranty

The patented Goulds i-FRAME ™ Power End is the result of over 160 years of design experience, customer interaction and continuous improvement.

The i-FRAME ™ provides customers with increased reliability and on-board condition monitoring intelligence resulting in reduced life cycle costs (LCC) and extended mean-time-between-failure (MTBF).

Enhancements in bearing technology, oil sump design and bearing isolators provide customers with years of worry-free operation. Goulds are so confident with the reliability of the i-FRAME™ they offer a 5-year warranty as standard on every i-FRAME™ ANSI process pump.

The Goulds i-FRAME™ features:

i-ALERT Condition Monitoring

  • i-ALERT Measures vibration and temperature at thrust bearings and indicates when pre-set levels have been exceeded
  • Early warning of potential failure through visual inspection
  • Data logging with trend analysis
  • Wireless syncing to mobile devices

Inpro VBXX-D Hybrid Bearing Isolators

Improved design by offering stainless steel rotors

  • Prevents premature bearing failure caused by lubricant contamination or loss of oil
  • Superior corrosion resistant in chemical environments
  • Non-sparking for increased safety.

Premium Thrust Bearings

  • Greater thrust loading capability and enhanced material of construction
  • Increased bearing life and performance (2-5 times that of conventional bearings)

Optimized sump design including larger sump and low point drain

  • Increased Heat dissipation. Collects and concentrates contaminants away from bearings.
  • Bearings run cooler and last longer

i-FRAME™ Warranty

Designed for reliability and extended pump life, backed with a 5-year warranty

  • Reduced life-cycle costs and increased reliability

Watch a video of the i-FRAME™ overview:

For further information on the Goulds iFRAME ™ talk to John Scott or John Power on UK +44 1633 877505 / Ireland +353 21 4510900 or send us a product enquiry

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