SIHI Dry Running Vacuum Pump for General Industries

Product Benefits

Simple operation and long-term reliability are at the centre of the SIHI® Dry design. Completely free from oil lubrication, no mechanical seals, and wide internal clearances, underpin the robust nature of this completely dry running vacuum pump.

  • No effluent or waste disposal costs of any service liquid
  • Uncontaminated vacuum
  • Free from lubricant and service liquid
  • Flexible operation for batch process operations
  • Ease of maintenance together with integrated self-diagnostics
  • Extremely Quiet
  • Low life-cycle costs

Technical Data

Reducing Life-Cycle Costs

Capital Costs

  • No Booster
  •  No Acoustic Cover
  • Simple Integration
  • No Suction Filter
  • No pressure-control valve

Energy Cost

Low Power Consumption

Maintenance Cost 

No Routine Maintenance

Effluent Cost 

  • None
  • Safe Handling of Toxic Media
  • Oil-free Operation
  • No Process Contamination

Down Time Costs 

  • High Reliability
  • Simple Internal Cleaning
  • Quick Overhaul
  • Self Diagnostics



  • Vacuum coating
  • Crystal pulling
  • Metallurgy furnaces
  • Central vacuum
  • Sterilisation
  • Freeze-drying
  • Degassing
  • Product transfer

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