Fisher T205 Series


Low-pressure setting and fast speed of response
T205 Series regulator has a low-pressure setting as low as 1 in. w.c. / 2.5 mbar. It can respond quickly to downstream flow demand and pressure changes due to a direct-operated structure.

Accurate control and small lockup pressure

The large diaphragm area provides very accurate throttling control at low-pressure settings. An added benefit of the lever-style regulator is that it can shut off the process fluid using small lockup pressure.

Arctic Temperatures

Constructions for process temperatures as low as -76°F / -60°C are available by request.

Corrosion resistance 

Multiple regulator constructions are available in a variety of materials for compatibility with corrosive process gases.

Easy conversion between constructions

Converts easily from the Types T205 and T205M to the Types T205H and T205HM with two O-rings and one machine screw.

Sour gas service capability

Available construction to meet NACE MR0175-2002.


The regulator may be installed in any position as long as the flow through the body is in the direction indicated by the arrow on the body when using a T205 Series regulator.  (See download for full details)

The diaphragm casing may be rotated to obtain the desired positioning. The Type T205M or T205HM requires a downstream control line. The control line should be installed sloping downward toward the tank to prevent condensation buildup and avoid low points (or traps) that could catch the liquid. The sensing line must enter the tank above the liquid level at a point that senses the vapour space pressure and is free from turbulence associated with tank nozzles or vents.


The Fisher T205 Series regulator can be used for a wide variety of gases including air, nitrogen, natural gas, sour gas (NACE Construction), butane and propane

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