Alfa Laval LKB UltraPure Butterfly Valve

Product Benefits

  • Max. product pressure: 1000 kPa (10 bar)
  • Min. product pressure: Full vacuum
  • Temperature range: -10°C to + 140°C (EPDM)
  • However max. 95°C when operating the valve
  • Product wetted steel part: 1.4404 (316L) acc. to EN 10088
  • Other steel parts: 1.4301 (304) acc. to EN 10088
  • Bushings for valve disc: PVDF

Technical Data

LKB UltraPure butterfly valves come with several features that ensure dependable hygienic performance.

  • LKB UltraPure butterfly valves are available with Ra < 0.5 µm, Ra < 0.4µm or EP (SF1 and SF4) surface finishes to ensure cleanability and minimize contamination risks.
  • Highly polished stainless steel disc and bearing bushings clipped onto the disc stems prevent metal-to-metal abrasion and ensure smoother disc movement.
  • Stem diameter provides particularly low flow resistance, ensuring gentle product treatment for low and medium-viscosity products.
  • Alfa Laval’s advanced seal technology provides greater thermal stability, better chemical resistance and improved tensile strength.
  • For perfect welding conditions, the ASME BPE version of the LKB UltraPure butterfly valves feature weld ends with defined sulphur content. The extended length of the valve makes it possible to use an orbital welding machine

Alfa Laval LKB UltraPure butterfly valves can be complemented with

  • A handle for manual operation to mechanically lock the valve in either an open or closed position. A complete range of handles, including a multi-position lockable handle, is available.
  • An air actuator for automated control in combination with either a valve indication unit or Alfa Laval ThinkTop valve sensing and control units. A selection of actuators is available.


  • High purity applications

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