Product Benefits

  • 2-piece cast flanged valve
  • Double block & bleed
  • Blowout-proof robust stem design
  • Bi-directional as standard
  • API 6D certified (API monogram #6D-1278)
  • Fire safe designed to API 6FA, API 607, ISO 10497
  • Comply with NACE MR0175/ISO 15156
  • Corrosion resistant low friction bearings
  • Double Piston Effect or Single Piston Effect seat design
  • Mixed SPE and DPE seats design also available
  • Inconel springs, assist in low pressure sealing

Technical Data

Size Range

2″ to 12″ (DN50-ND300)

Pressure Range

Class #600, 100bar, 1500psi

-60°C to 538°C (-76°F to 1000°F)


  • Stainless Steel, alloys, Carbon Steel – selected to meet temperature and application. ASME
    B16.34 listed cast or forged material for the valve body and ends.
  • Surface treatments & coatings – LTPN, HVOF Cr₃ C₂ (Chromium Carbide), HVOF WC-Co
    (Tungsten Carbide) and Stellite.

Robust Design

  • Pressure containing parts are in compliance with ASME B16.34 (with modifications for
    some series).
  • Leak rate to EN12266-1 Rate B (factory tested) is achieved by accurate grinding and
    lapping processes.
  • Constant preloading of ball/seats set obtained by Inconel 718 Belleville spring.

Pressure Tested

  • Designs are burst proof tested for 4 times the maximal working pressure.
  • Designed and tested per testing & acceptance criteria ANSI/FCI 70-2.




  • Hydrogen
  • Oil & Gas
  • Petrochemical


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