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Monitoring and Control are critical to the end product. Instrumentation with the most advanced diagnostics & wireless capability will reduce downtime and add to bottom line.

At ESI we offer:

  • Instrumentation tiered-offering to suit client’s specifications.
  • Best in class equipment reliability & long term stability.
  • Predictive intelligence across complete offering.
  • Plant optimisation & wireless solutions.

For more information, send us an enquiry or call us on Ireland +353 21 4510900, UK +44 1633 877505 or Benelux +31 85 0499770

Gauge & Diaphragm Technologies

Gauges & Diaphragms Technologies by type: Gauges & Diaphragms Click image to jump to Gauges & Diaphragms Overview Pressure & Temperature Click image to jump to Pressure & Temperature Instruments Diaphragm Seals Click image to jump to Diaphragm Seals Gauges & Diaphragms Overview Diaphragm protected [...]

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Instrumentation Technologies

Emerson Smart Wireless solutions With Emerson Smart Wireless solutions you can start anywhere based on your highest priority needs and easily expand the solutions over time. Smart Wireless solutions use the most proven, reliable technology that's right for the application. All Smart Wireless devices, gateways, access points and software use wireless communication [...]

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Wireless: Flow

Wireless Flow Instruments by type: Flow Coriolis Flow Differential Pressure Click image to jump to Flow Coriolis Click image to jump to Flow Differential Pressure Flow Magnetic Flow Vortex Click image to jump to Flow Magnetic Click image to jump to Flow Vortex [...]

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Wireless: Level

Wireless Level Flow Instruments by type: Wireless Level Radar Click image to jump to Level Radar Wireless Level Ultrasonic Click image to jump to Level Ultrasonic Wireless Level Vibration Click image to jump to Level Vibration Level Radar Benefits Highly accurate and reliable direct level [...]

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Wireless: Temperature

Wireless Temperature: General Use Sensors Every General Use sensor and thermowell brings quality, reliability and performance across the whole measurement. Get dependable operation in harsh environments via rugged sensing element designs and unique laser welding processes. Obtain reliable high temperature measurement with fit-forpurpose materials and advanced thermocouple designs. Reduce cost with [...]

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Wireless: Pressure

Tuned-Systems Assemblies Minimise maintenance by eliminating wet or dry leg installations Reduce installed costs by 20% and improve performance by 30% Lower project risk with QZ Remote Seal System Performance Report Predict and prevent abnormal process conditions Proactively detect terminal connection, loop power, and wiring issues Expand diagnostics coverage [...]

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Flow Transmitter: Sanitary

Alfa Laval flow transmitters are electromagnetic precision meters used to measure the volumetric flow rate of electrically conductive liquids. Hygienically designed, these are excellent choices for use in the dairy, food and biopharm industries. High accuracy Durable hygienic flow transmitter design Compact and easy to install Alfa Laval flow transmitters are bi-directional [...]

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Wireless: Vibration

Wireless Vibration As part of Emerson’s Smart Wireless solution, the rugged CSI 9420 Wireless Vibration Transmitter connects quickly, easily, and economically to any machine. It delivers vibration information over a highly-reliable, self-organizing WirelessHARTTM network for use by both operations and maintenance personnel. Measure vibration, temperature, and bearing wear with PeakVue Ideal for hard-to-reach and [...]

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Wireless: Thum

You Can't Improve What You Can't See Most plants have hundreds or even thousands of HART instrumentation points, all equipped with rich diagnostics and process information, yet this valuable information often goes unused because it's too difficult and costly to access through traditional wired means. Not anymore... Unlock the Value in Your Existing [...]

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Flow Meter: Sanitary

Alfa Laval Flow Meter provides accurate measurement of feed, permeate, retentate and diawater flows in membrane filtration modules and plants for a wide range of hygienic industries. Hygienic flow measuring instruments Hygienic design Flow meter range Alfa Laval meters are hygienic flow measuring instruments that enable accurate detection of liquid levels in [...]

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