Butyl Evolution & Compatibility

A Breakdown of Butyl Evolution & Compatibility In Relation To Diaphragm Valves

Butyl rubber has been in existence for the last 50 years since the first diaphragm valves were produced in the UK.

Rubber and Polymer Science and Manufacturing are part of the DNA of Saunders’ expertise (Science Inside). Across the years the main focus was to support customers with stricter and stricter requirements in terms of regulations, process constraints, and diaphragms’ life.

In line with this commitment, Saunders’s Science Inside team tirelessly worked to evolve rubber diaphragms by developing and optimising a unique EPDM compound formulation able to provide higher steam resistance than butyl material ensuring a longer life under critical conditions.

On the 31st March the “Aseptic” Butyl range, known to the market as “B1 & P1” diaphragms will become obsolete and the below visualisation provides their successors.

Saunders Compatability Chart - Illustrating the innovation of Butyl Material

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