Cryogenic SIL ball valves for LNG applications

What is SIL?

SIL (Safety Integrity Level) is the degree of confidence in a given safeguard

This applies only to Safety Instrumented Functions (SIF’s) and a SIL allocation for SIFs is a requirement of EN 61511

Per EN 61511, a SIL assessment should be carried out for all Safety Instrumented Functions i.e instrumented loops called up as safeguards or as per recommendations in the HAZOP or similar exercise.

SIL means risk reduction to a tolerable level

The two standards that relate to process plants are:

  • The required safety level of a process plant is classified in accordance with the international IEC 61511 standard and depends on the risk constituted by a plant
  • The IEC 61508 standard describes the requirements of electrical, electronic and programmable electronic devices used in such plants. It relates to the functional safety of products or systems whose failure to operate reliably could harm people

Case Study – Large gas network company chooses Habonim for ESD application at remote LNG storage facility due to Habonim cryogenic certification

Because of its SIL2 rating for cryogenic ball valves, Habonim recently were awarded the supply of valves for emergency shutdown application at a large UK LNG facility.

Due to the unique Hermetix stem seal design combined with the reliability of its compact 4-piston actuator design Habonim can achieve SIL2 rating for its cryogenic range of ball valves.

Under extremely low temperatures and in the harshest of environments, Habonim’s cryogenic ball valves consistently exhibit high flow capacity, tight shut off, energy efficiency and long life service free.

The benefits of the Habonim cryogenic ball valve include

  • Firesafe to API 607 and ISO 10497-5 as standard
  • Patented Hermetix stem seal prevents leakage and meets ISO15848-1
  • 4-Year Performance warranty on stem
  • Short bolts for minimal thermal expansion
  • Fool proof design for safety in operation and Maintenance
  • Valve design meets BS6364 and BS EN1626 standards
  • Certfied to EN12567 “Isolating cryogenic valves for LNG”
  • Actuation with 7 year actuator warranty
  • Double Block and Bleed and Control Cryogenic valves available

For further certification click below for type approval BV/DNV for cryogenic ball valves and 3-piece 47 series flanged valves.

Bureau Veritas LNG Cryogenic Certification
DNV Cryogenic Ball Valve Certification


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