Ball Valve Dead Man’s Handle – Spring Return Handle for Ball Valves

Why use a Dead Man’s Handle or Spring Return Handle on a Ball Valve?

A major pharmaceutical plant had an issue with operators leaving valves open after the filter cartridge changed out. The results of which can affect:

  1. Production: Loss of product
  2. Health & Safety: Exposure to personnel
  3. Environmental: Exposure to the atmosphere

This prompted a review of the operation of their:

  • Sample points
  • Drain points
  • Purge points

ESI Technologies were asked if they could design a neat Dead Man’s Handle or Spring-Return Handle as the existing solutions on the market are either designed for utility plumbing-type valves or are so strong they can harm operators or damage process equipment.

Within 3 weeks of posing the problem to Habonim, a sample from bar stock was on site for the test. So successful was the solution the site ordered hundreds of units. These can all be retrofitted to existing Habonim valves up to 1.5″ without affecting the valve in service.

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