Fisher 92B PRV


Extended Diaphragm Service Life

Two-ply construction and dual flex points increase cycle life compared to conventional designs. Stainless steel material ensures satisfactory operation at high steam temperatures.

Resilient Seats

Valve seats are individually lapped for tight shutoff. Bevelled seats ensure easy in-line lapping. Plug and valve seats are constructed of hardened stainless steel which reduces wire drawing in wet steam applications.

Standard ANSI Face-to-Face

NPT, CL125 FF, CL150 RF, CL250 RF and CL300 RF end connections are ANSI standard face-to-face dimensions. The Type 92B main valves are also available with PN 16/25/40 RF end connections.

Bellows Stem Guide

Pilot bellows reduce sticking from scale build-up due to boiler carryover.

Elevated Actuator

Plugging from scale and rust is reduced as condensate will not pool in
critical areas.

Two-Path Control

Downstream pressure registers under the main valve and pilot diaphragms improve response time.

Double Post Stem Guide

Top and bottom seat guides with Inconel® bushings eliminate lateral plug instability and premature stem wear.

Inconel® is a mark owned by Special Metals Corporation.

Technical Data

Pressure Registration External

Max Temperature 353° to 600°F / 178° to 316°C

Body Sizes NPS 1 / 1.5 / 2 / 3 / 4 | DN 25 / 40 / 50 / 80 / 100

End Connections NPT / BSPT / CL125FF / CL150RF / CL250RF / CL300RF / PN 16/25/40

Maximum Inlet Pressure 300 PSIG / 20.7 bar

Maximum Outlet Pressure 250 PSIG / 17.2 bar

Spring Ranges 2 to 250 PSIG / 0.138 to 17.2 bar

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