Product Benefits

High pump efficiency and low noise level optimises tank emptying and CIP return applications

  • Low process contamination risk – hygienic design, FDA-conforming materials and pre-defined compression USP class VI elastomers
  • Improves yield and sustainability – use of energy and cleaning media and hydraulic design cuts energy costs and CO2/waste chemical emissions
  • Maximized uptime and reduced maintenance costs – robust mechanical design and ease of maintenance with modular front-loading seals
  • Reduced capital investment – designed for CIP duties containing entrained air but can also pump product, reducing the need for additional pump
  • Quiet operation compared to other technologies, providing a safe working environment for plant operators

Self Priming

The Alfa Laval LKH Prime range sets a new standard in self-priming pump technology. It is an efficient, versatile and hygienic self-priming pump that uses a combination of air-screw technology and advanced design to meet the most stringent requirements in a range of industries including food, dairy, beverage, pharma, home and personal care.


The LKH Prime is a highly efficient self-priming pump, which meets the requirements of hygienic applications. The ability to evacuate air from the suction pipe combined with a low noise level and high pumping efficiency makes the LKH Prime ideal for tank emptying and CIP return applications. With verified effective CIP cleanability, LKH Prime can be used as a product pump as well.

Energy Savings

Alfa Laval LKH Prime is a cost-effective self-priming pump that reduces energy consumption and CO2 footprint. Trimming the impeller to match the exact duty conditions or fitting a VSD to the pump, lowers power requirements and installation costs.

In the below examples, you can see the benefits of the new technology of the Alfa Laval LKH Prime Ultrapure Pump over the projected lifespan of the pump.  The new patented airscrew technology is designed to boost pump efficiency to unparalleled 52%!

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