Filtration Cartridges & Bags

Filtration Cartridges / Bags Reduced Filtration and MRO Spend Amazon Filters Ltd is one of Europe's leading filtration equipment manufacturers. We provide an extensive range of pleated, depth and bag filters for liquids, gases and air. We also design and manufacturer the widest selection of filter vessels available on the market and [...]

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Filtration Housings

Clearview "Sight Glass Filtration Housings" The ClearView single cartridge housing is unique with its special clear bowl section for viewing the condition of the filter element. Designed specifically for use in the Fine Chemicals and Pharmaceutical industries, the ClearView has proved to be highly successful where fluid cleanliness requires visual monitoring online. Materials of [...]

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Tantaline Corrosion Treatment

Tantaline Corrosion Treatment What is Tantaline? Tantaline products consist of a core substrate (typically stainless steel), which is process-treated to create an extremely rugged, uniform, inert and corrosion resistant tantalum surface. Through the Tantaline process, tantalum atoms are actually grown into the substrate creating a nanoscale-inseparable surface alloy Further processing creates a tantalum [...]

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