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ESI Benelux

ESI Benelux BV: ESI open Benelux Office; ESI opent Benelux vestiging; ESI ouvre le bureau Benelux

Schubert and Salzer Sliding Gate Control Valves

Weight and size was crucial which is where the sliding gate design became a perfect solution

EzFlow® Syringe Filters

Foxx Life Sciences Syringe Filters are designed for aqueous and organic solution samples.

Looking for a cost effective way to phase out stainless steel in fluid transfer & storage?

EZBio Single Use Bottles Assembly for a cost effective way to phase out costly stainless steel in fluid transfer and storage.

Are you looking for an alternative to glass bottles for the storing and transportation of your critical solutions?

NOWPak - for an alternative to glass bottles for the storing and transportation of your critical solutions.

Emerson DVC 2000 – Linkage Free Control Valve Positioner Features and Benefits

DVC2000: a Hart-Communicating Digital Control Valve Positioner / Controller. Simple, easy to use, digital valve controller. Non-contact, linkage-less valve position feedback system, with no touching parts.

How to Choose Between Silicone Tubing & TPE Tubing

Factors to consider in choosing between silicone tubing and TPE tubing in BioPharm & Pharmaceutical critical applications

Acquisition of engineering companies

Acquisition of engineering companies. Who is active in Ireland? Indutrade consists of over 200 Engineering, manufacturing and distribution companies

Cryogenic SIL ball valves for LNG applications

Hermetix stem seal design combined with the reliability of compact 4-piston actuator design Habonim achieve SIL2 rating for cryogenic range of ball valves

How to Reduce the Risk of Fitting Leaks & Entrapment

It's a fact: Single-Use tubing sets can leak. And leaks contribute to all sorts of problems, from valuable product spilled onto the cleanroom floor, to safety hazards, to rework and added expense.

PTFE-lined Butterfly Valves for Pharmaceutical API Applications

Pharmaceutical slurry can sit in a ball valve cavity requiring lengthy clean-in-place procedures to prevent cross-contamination between batches

Ball Valve Stem Leakage: How to Reduce Fugitive Emissions and meet ISO 15848-1

Habonim ZERO-Stem-LEAK valves meet ISO 15848-1 standard for fugitive emission, using the patent-pending HermetiX™ seal to provide zero stem leakage

Clean Room Insulation – is there a product resistant to Mould Growth?

T Tubes unique sealing system means that it is the only sanitary insulation for Clean Room environments with proven 28 day Mould-Growth Resistance

The solution to single-use bag concerns

We have the solution to your on-going concerns with Single-Use bags to ensure a new level of assurance for your process

Habonim Health & Safety Products

Habonim has set out its policy for the prevention of accidents by designing a line of specialised products that guarantee its customers a high level of site protection.

High Cycle Pneumatic Actuator – 7 year Warranty – Habonim Compact Actuator

If you are looking for a high quality pneumatic quarter-turn actuator, then the Habonim Compact is worth consideration. So reliable is the Compact, it comes with a 7 year warranty.

Case Study: Butterfly valves in abrasive applications

We completed the replacement of an isolation / partial control valve with an EBRO Butterfly Valve for a potash company, where the abrasive solution was causing severe and frequent wear. The problem?

Reactor Vessel Temperature Control Units (TCU) for Chemical / Pharmaceutical & Biotechnology Industries

Why have a contractor stick-build a Temperature Control Unit (TCU) on site, when you can have a unit built to specification, that fits within a dimensional envelope, to ISO/ANSI Standards, ATEX compliant and more importantly on time and budget?

CDC – Still Cycling to the Limits

Tested to its absolute limits, the rupture disc still emerges as the strongest solution for your last line of defense. In a market where inferior knockoffs deliver 20% that durability, Continental Disc tested a rupture disc to 5 million cycles without failure.

Shorter Lead Times for Saunders Diaphragm Valves

Saunders® part of Crane ChemPharma & Energy, has set up a new delivery system which is aiming to provide shorter lead times matching the expectations of industrial diaphragm valve customers.

How to Minimise the Risk of Mycoplasma Contamination

Mycoplasma may be the smallest class of free-living microorganism, but the consequences of contamination in a cell batch can be huge with manufacturers suffering reduced yields and lost product batches, and patients’ safety being placed under threat.

Announcement: AdvantaPure high purity tubing, hose, and single use systems in Ireland

ESI Ultrapure, a subsidiary of ESI Technologies Group is pleased to announce their appointment as official distributor for AdvantaPure Tubing, Hose, and Single Use Systems in Ireland.

Habonim V port control ball valve

Alfa Laval announcement

ESI are pleased to announce the addition of the Alfa Laval equipment portfolio to its sanitary/aseptic division in Ireland.