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How can you treat Cryptosporidium?

We have all seen Boil Water Notices put in place across western Europe for many years. The main reason is contamination by pathogens such as Cryptosporidium.

How to Minimise the Risk of Mycoplasma Contamination

Mycoplasma may be the smallest class of free-living microorganism, but the consequences of contamination in a cell batch can be huge with manufacturers suffering reduced yields and lost product batches, and patients’ safety being placed under threat.

SupaPore TLB filters: high resistance to aggressive fluids

SupaPoreTLB filters are manufactured using a PTFE membrane and Halar ECTFE hardware and support layers. This provides a cartridge that shows significant resistance to chemical attack at an attractive cost.

Conductive PTFE Filter Housing – eliminate dangers of Static Discharge

A fully conductive carbon impregnated PTFE filter housing to replace Hastelloy or PTFE-lined housings. FDA complient, Rated for full vacuum

Filter housing for corrosive product

Tantaline filter housing for use in harsh environments and with corrosive fluids. Superior resistance to many corrosive chemicals, e.g. acids

Process Cartridge Filter – Risk Assessment for Change Control

Why do users undertake Rick Assessment? Whether it is delivery issues, pricing or a process change, users are often faced with a situation were they may require to change filter type or vendor. This will entail Risk Assessment for change control