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ESI Official Distributor for Crane Saunders products in Ireland

ESI Technologies Group are pleased to announce their appointment as official Channel Partner and Distributor for Crane “Saunders” HC4 and IDV products in Ireland

Cryogenic ball valves for LNG applications

Cryogenic ball valves for application in extremely low temperatures and harsh environments in the liquified natural gas (LNG) industry

Habonim valves upgrade – bulletin

This advisory bulletin outlines the upgrade to the stem seal on the standard P series ball valves to W series from Habonim. In addition there are details on the new premium G series and the differences between that and the W series valve.

Knife-gate valves for demanding or difficult applications

Stafsjö valves: knife-gate valves are particularly suitable for difficult applications such as: pulp and paper; mining; biomass and waste water industries

A fire-safe AND non-graphite valve?

Continued development of the HermetiX™ technology led to Habonim’s revolutionary graphite-free fire-safe stem-seal design. A polymer-based stem seal and a unique trim construction holds the stem aligned and preloaded even after a fire.

Lock-out of actuated valves for operator safety

For all standard actuated valve packages ESI have designed a special oversized coupling drive and drilled a hole through it which, along with a hole drilled through the mounting bracket sitting between the valve and actuator, allows the maintenance engineer to fit a pin through the bracket.

7 features that allow Habonim give a 7 year warranty with their Compact Actuator

How can the Habonim Compact 4-piston actuator come with a 7-year warranty when 2-piston manufacturers only give a 1 year warranty?

Ball Valves with no graphite to contaminate process

Habonim ball-valves eliminate graphite from the process stream with the patented Hermetix stem seal, with up to 500k high-cycle operations

How do I detect pressure-gauge diaphragm failure?

Problem: When a pressure-gauge diaphragm fails, be it due to poor design or mishandling, the gauge can still read the system pressure as the media takes the place of the fill fluid which has disappeared into the batch.

SIL Certified Ball Valves and Actuators: a brief review of SIL

The required safety level of a process plant is classified in accordance with IEC 61511 and depends on the risk constituted by a plant

High Performance Butterfly Valves – design features to consider for High Pressure and Temperature Applications

High performance butterfly valve design features that will ensure long & trouble free service for critical applications – EBRO have a proven track record

Knife-gate valves for the water industry

Stafsjö WB & MV Knife-gate valves suitable for waste water and water treatment industries

Knife-gate valves for the mining industry

Stafsjö SLV, SLF, SLH & SLX valves are all suitable for the most abrasive and demanding slurry where operational reliability and low life-cycle costs are emphasised

Control Valve Linkage-Free Positioners – why change?

Linkage free positioners use a magnetic assembly that is non contact. What does that mean?:

Knife-gate valves for the biomass industry

Stafsjö’s product range consist of 16 different models of which WB and MV valves are particularly suited for biomass.

Reducing the risk of welding-heat damage to valves during installation

To reduce the risk of damage being caused to valves during the installation process, ESI can now supply Habonim 3-piece ball valves which are fitted with “extended ends”